Clear Choice Awards

Since 1989, the Clear Choice Awards has honored consumer product goods manufacturers who find unique ways to use glass packaging to tell the story of their brand, create glass containers that stand out on the shelf, and feature innovative designs.

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2018 Clear Choice Awards Call for Entries 

The Call for Entries for the Glass Packaging Institute's 2018 Clear Choice Awards is now open. The entry submission deadline is August 17, 2018. Award guidelines, categories, and submission forms can be found here.

A summary outlining key entry guidelines, necessary submission information and judging criteria can be found here.

2017 Clear Choice Award Winners  

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announces the winners of its 2017 Clear Choice Awards, recognizing the country's top brands and manufacturers that create first-rate designs to shape powerful brand experiences. The eight winners were recognized during a ceremony at the national Packaging That Sells Conference in Chicago.

The winning glass containers were selected by an independent panel of food and beverage packaging professionals, including Tom Bobak, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, American Craft Beer; Peter Chamberlin, Associate Director, Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design, University of Cincinnati; Geoff Kleinman, Editor,; and Denise Purcell, Head of Content for the Specialty Food Association.

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Product Category: Beer and Cider

Product: Coolcumber

Company: Wicked Weed Brewing

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group

Packaging Inspiration: Coolcumber captures the taste of summer in a bottle. This 500ml glass bottle with crown closure seals in the fresh, fruity taste of basil and cucumber. A custom-built packaging design communicates a forward-thinking, ingredients-focused brand with a bottle shape, embossing, and artwork that also recognizes consumers “drink first with their eyes.”  

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Product Category: Wine

Product: Robert Mondavi Private Selection

Company: Constellation Brands

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group

Packaging Inspiration: A signature bottle design for the Robert Mondavi Private Selection emulates the confidence and trust consumers expect from a brand of its caliber, while also enhancing the in-hand feel and quality of the package. The final design, with broad shoulders, tapered shape and innovative label dieline, makes this premium glass bottle stand out as something substantive and elevated.

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Product Category: Spirits

Product: Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Company: Gruppo Campari

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Packaging Inspiration: Wild Turkey Rare Breed’s new bottle design features a fresh, contemporary glass package with clear references to its history. The new bottle design offers a smooth, high end and premium feel to appeal to bourbon drinkers. The clean glass geometry shows off the vibrant, amber liquid.

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Product Category: Flavored Alcoholic Beverage

Product: SpikedSeltzer

Company: Boathouse Beverage LLC

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group

Packaging Inspiration: SpikedSeltzer is a category-creating alcoholic beverage, and the 12oz. flint (clear) glass bottles are a natural fit for a premium look and feel – with the transparency to match the clean ingredients inside. Glass moulds allow for embossed waves, highlighting the nautical feel, and adding a beautiful and tactile aspect to the package. The bottle also has an element of personalization as the crown features quotations under the cap.

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Product Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Product: Crazy Water

Company: Crazy Water Company

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Packaging Inspiration: Bottled since 1881, the new Crazy Water glass package blends the nostalgia of the Crazy Water Days with more modern demands. The packaging is also a little bit Crazy without taking away from its medicinal roots. Embossed in the glass is "Infused by Mother Nature," the marketing difference between Crazy Water, an all-natural mineral water bottled in Texas, and most other bottled waters.

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Product Category: Food

Product: Ball® Sharing Jars

Company: Newell Brands

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group

Packaging Inspiration: The Ball@ Sharing Jar is inspired by the passion of canners to share what they preserve. The twist is a modern design that's not just suitable for canning, but perfect for gifting and storing. The new glass bottle shape allows for better views of what's in the jar and makes it easy to tie a bow at the top.

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Product Category: Cosmetics, Fragrances & Other

Product: Josie Maran Argan Reserve

Company: Josie Maran

Glass Manufacturer: Vitro

Packaging Inspiration: Josie Maran Argan Reserve is a special limited-edition, concentrated treatment that nurtures and enhances skin clarity, texture, hydration and resiliency. Each glass bottle is hand signed and hand numbered, representing the unique quality of this special skin transforming product.

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Product Category: Newcomer to Glass Packaging (Including Reversions)

Product: Oui by Yopliat

Company: General Mills

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Packaging Inspiration: The U.S. introduction of Oui by Yoplait yogurt was inspired by a traditional French yogurt recipe. Oui by Yoplait consists of simple ingredients poured and cultured in glass pots for eight hours, creating a uniquely thick and delicious texture. Glass is the only package type that protects the delicate product texture necessary for this style of yogurt. The glass jar also allows consumers to see the color and layers of the product inside, setting it apart from traditional yogurt containers, and creating a unique consumer experience.

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